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2020 First Annual

What Is Math-A-Thon?

It’s a fundraising activity similar to a Walkathon, but instead of walking laps, this event challenges students to solve a set of 30 math problems.

When and where will it take place?

Students will participate in Math-A-Thon during their SOAR class on (SY2020-2021 date TBD).

How should my student prepare for the Math-A-Thon?

Below are a set of math problems the students will solve. They may practice these at home, with parents’ help, as much as they wish. We suggest making copies of the sheet so that they may practice as much as they want.

Click on the appropriate link:

6th Grade:   Problem Sheet   |   Answer Key

7th Grade:   Problem Sheet   |   Answer Key

8th Grade:   Problem Sheet   |   Answer Key

Will this activity count for a grade?

Students will not be asked to turn in their practice sheets, nor will they be graded on the day of Math-A-Thon. This is intended as a fun challenge, non-competitive and low pressure!

How will the Math-A-Thon sheets be “scored” to determine the amount of money raised?

Print copies of this Pledge Sheet. Friends and family will record their name, phone and/or email, and the amount of their pledge. There are two ways to make a pledge:

  1. a small amount per problem solved correctly (e.g., $1), or
  2. a predetermined amount, no matter how many are correct.

Place all the collected money, checks and pledge forms in an envelope and turn it into your student’s SOAR teacher.  Be sure to write your student’s name and SOAR teacher’s name on the envelope.  Personal checks are to be made payable to “PTA@CMS”.

If you have any questions, please contact